Crunchy bits of OREO cookie + vanilla flavored creme
+ rich chocolate candy.

OREO cookie pieces and chocolate candy come together to create this
amazingly delicious candy bar.


Save $1 on
OREO Chocolate Candy!

When you buy any one package of
OREO cookies.


When you buy any one package of OREO cookies.


OREO Fun Size
Chocolate Candy Bar

OREO cookie pieces, vanilla flavored creme, and delicious chocolate candy tease your taste buds in these incredibly decadent tiny treats.

OREO Big Crunch
Chocolate Candy Bar

A colossal candy bar that sandwiches a chunky layer of OREO cookie pieces between two layers of vanilla flavored creme, all coated in chocolate candy.

OREO Chocolate
Candy Bar

The classic OREO cookie taste reimagined! Chocolate candy surrounds a vanilla flavored creme that's filled with deliciously crunchy OREO cookie pieces.

OREO Mint Chocolate
Candy Bar

This cool treat features delicious OREO cookie pieces in refreshing mint flavored creme filling, all covered in chocolate candy.

OREO Cookies and Creme
Chocolate Candy Bar

OREO cookies pieces crushed in vanilla flavored creme filling and wrapped white chocolate candy.