A new spin on thin.

OREO Thins are a crisp, delicate,
and delicious twist on the classic OREO cookie you know and love.

OREO Thins Original

Craving something classic? These Thins pack the original OREO flavor into a delicate cookie.

OREO Thins Golden

This Golden variety pairs delicious OREO creme with two lightly sweet Golden wafers, creating a chocolate-free cookie that everyone can enjoy.

OREO Thins Specialty Flavors

There’s even more OREO Thins to love with exciting flavors from chocolate to coconut.

OREO Thins Bites

A munchable treat that delivers all the OREO flavor in a small size that’s perfect for snacking.

OREO Thins Bites Fudge Dipped

OREO Thins are now bite-sized and dipped in a coating of fudge for a delightfully thin and shareable snack.