OREO Birthday Cake Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Family Size


OREO Birthday Cake Chocolate Sandwich Cookies are the classic OREO cookies you’ve always loved with a delicious and festive twist. These chocolate sandwich cookies are filled with a sweet birthday cake flavored creme and colorful sprinkles that’ll make you want to celebrate everyday. OREO birthday cake cookies are great for sharing with friends, serving at parties, or dunking in a glass of cold milk. The resealable package with easy-pull tab keeps birthday cookies fresh and is perfect for snacking, sharing, or traveling.

Oreo CookieTwist Lick Dunk
Oreo CookieOreo CookieOreo Cookie
The classic OREO cookie with birthday cake–flavored creme filling
Resealable pack makes snacking convenient while keeping cookies fresh
Kosher cookies great for gatherings, lunchboxes, road trips, and more

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