OREO Big Crunch Holiday House

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1 Serving


  • 2 OREO Big Crunch Chocolate Candy Bar s (10.5 oz. each)
  • 1.25 cups ready-to-spread white frosting
  • Decorations: green and red decorating icings, assorted small holiday candies and sprinkles
  • Mini OREO Cookie s
  • SWEDISH FISH Mini Candies

Putting it together

  1. Cut 10x8-inch rectangle from stiff cardboard or foam core for base of house. Or, cover a similar-sized flat serving platter or cutting board with foil to use as the base.
  2. Cut 1 candy bar crosswise into thirds to make 3 (4x3) pieces. Cut remaining candy bar into 1 (4x3) piece, 2 (3x3) pieces and 6 individual pieces.
  3. Spoon frosting into pastry bag fitted with star tip. To make the frame of the house, stand 4 (4x3) candy bar pieces on base, using pastry bag to pipe the frosting onto bottom and side edges of each piece to secure candy bar pieces to the base and to each other.
  4. Use remaining 6 individual candy bar pieces, trimming to fit as needed, to support the roof pieces, attaching 3 pieces to the front wall and 3 pieces to the back wall, with some of the remaining piped frosting.
  5. Attach the 2 (3x3) pieces to make the roof, securing pieces to house with some of the remaining piped frosting. Let stand 2 hours.
  6. Add windows and doors with frosting. Decorate with remaining ingredients as desired.
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