OREO Chocolate Candy Bar Turkeys

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6 Servings


  • 1 oz. black candy coating wafer s, melted
  • 6 OREO Thins Cookie s
  • 3 OREO Chocolate Candy Bar s (1.44 oz. each)
  • 42 pieces candy corn , divided
  • 12 mini candy button eyes

Putting it together

  1. Spoon candy coating into piping bag; cut off tip. Place cookies in single layer on bottom of shallow parchment-lined pan.
  2. Use serrated knife to cut each candy bar crosswise in half. Place candy bar pieces on tops of cookies as shown in photo, securing to cookies with some of the candy coating.
  3. Reserve 6 candy corn pieces for later use. Decorate turkeys with remaining candy corn pieces and candy eyes as shown in photo, using candy coating to attach all pieces.
  4. Cut off and discard white tips from remaining candy corn pieces. Cut candy corn pieces into triangles; discard trimmings. Use remaining candy coating to attach candy corn to turkeys as shown in photo. Refrigerate 5 min.
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