OREO Cookie Flag

00h 45
1 Serving


  • 35 OREO Cookies
  • 1 cup ready-to-spread white frosting
  • 27 blue candy-coated chocolate pieces
  • 3 pieces red pull-and-peel licorice (8 inch)

Putting it together

  1. Arrange cookies in single layer on large board or tray in rectangular shape of 5 rows of 7 cookies each.
  2. Microwave frosting in microwaveable bowl on HIGH 30 to 40 sec. or until just warmed and smooth when stirred. (Do not over heat.) Spread frosting onto cookies. Let stand 30 min.
  3. Meanwhile, pull each piece of licorice into 3 pieces of 3 strands each.
  4. Place blue candies in single layer over 9 cookies in top left corner of rectangle. Arrange licorice strands over remaining cookies as shown in photo, cutting as necessary to fit.
  6. How to Serve: Use kitchen shears to cut the licorice strands between the cookies to serve.
  7. Substitute: Substitute 26 SWEDISH FISH Soft & Chewy Candies for the licorice pieces
  8. Pull-and-Peel Licorice: Each piece of pull-and-peel licorice is made of 9 strands of licorice twisted together. Untwist each licorice piece into 3 thinner pieces of 3 strands each before using as directed. Or totally untwist the 9 strands, then re-twist it using 3 twisted stands for each red stripe of the flag.
  9. NUTRITION INFORMATION: Makes 35 servings, 1 cookie each. | Nutrition per serving: Calories200 | Total fat7 g | Saturated fat2 g | Cholesterol0 mg | Sodium140 mg | Carbohydrate32 g | Dietary fiber<1 g | Total sugars23 g - Includes added sugars22 g | Protein1 g | Vitamin A0 %DV | Vitamin C0 %DV | Vitamin D0 %DV | Calcium0 %DV | Iron4 %DV | Potassium0 %DV
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